This Genius Device Cools Any Room In Under 5 Minutes

Hurricane Freeze instantly turns water into an ice-cold breeze!
  • Quick Set-Up, Instant Cooling
  • 3 Adjustable Fan Speed Modes
  • Built-In Self-Sterilizing Air Filter
  • Humidifier, Aromatherapy, 7-color LED
  • Designed in the USA
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30-Day Guarantee

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the cool, refreshing air from your Hurricane Freeze, you’re protected by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply contact our Customer Support Team for a fast, hassle-free return.


AC units can cost thousands to run all summer and require pricey filter replacements. Hurricane Freeze is a smarter, more affordable cool air solution that requires significantly less upkeep.

Super-Easy Setup

Hurricane Freeze installs in seconds — perfect for bedrooms, offices, garages, or any space you want to cool. Power up with the included USB cable or take it on-the-go with a rechargeable battery.

Immediate Relief From The Heat: Here’s How It Works...

Advanced Evaporation Technology: Hurricane Freeze uses water to cool down incoming air, then pumps out cool, refreshing vapor on the other side. As soon as you fill the tank with water and push the start button, it fills the room with a steady stream of brisk air… instantly.
This innovative device is the most affordable and effective solution for personal air cooling, offering a remarkable alternative to power-draining AC units or useless traditional fans.
At-Home or On-the-Go
You can power Hurricane Freeze with the included USB cord, or with a rechargeable battery. That way, you can take it on-the-go for instant heat relief.

Adjustable Fan Speeds
Choose between 3 different modes, whether you want a gentle mist, a medium breeze, or a strong blast of cool air. 

Loaded With Features
Hurricane Freeze is 5 devices in one. In addition to cooling the air, it acts as a humidifier, an air filter, a 7-color nightlight, and an aromatherapy diffuser!

Most Americans Aren’t Prepared For This Summer Heat

This summer will be hotter than average, and most are still relying on old-fashioned ways to say cool. Traditional fans simply blow around hot air, but running the AC all summer uses a huge amount of power and leads to outrageously high power bills. Hurricane Freeze offers a better, more efficient option: it keeps you cool for 8 hours straight and uses just water and a USB power cord to get the job done.

Here’s What Our Happy Customers Have To Say

“Last summer was brutal, I spent over $500 running my air conditioning! I had been looking for something like this but felt underwhelmed by what I saw online until finding Hurricane Freeze. Skeptical? Yes. Disappointed? NO! The unit consistently keeps me cool, I haven’t run the AC once since purchasing! I love the aromatherapy function and the light looks great in my home...highly recommend this product.”
Denise T. (Torrance, CA)
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Ashley K. (Mesa, AZ)
“I love to cook, but in the summer months in Arizona it can get unbearable in the kitchen. My sister actually recommended this plug-in air cooler and I have to admit...this thing really works! I set it right next to the stove and love that cool breeze. I also love that it adds some humidity in this dry climate.”
Sean O. (Rolla, MO)
“All I have to say is: WOW -- Hurricane Freeze has made a massive difference in my comfort levels now that it’s getting hot. I use this tiny yet potent little device to stay cool in my garage, my home office, and pretty much anywhere I want to take it. Works great with a battery and seems to help reduce some of my allergy symptoms.”
These air coolers are in high demand, and this 55% OFF offer may be taken down any second